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a shot in the dark (2008)

solo piano explorations

Sketchbook (2009)

2009 album

starting now i'm starting over (2010)

solo piano. pieces range in mood from crushing depression to extreme ecstasy to insanity. largely minimalist.

Find Me at the End of the World (2011)

Minimalist piano experiments.

soft, spoken (2012)

Solo piano

Stepping Stone (2013)

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Tory Miller


Tory Miller plays piano. Also half of winterstar, all of KLARMP, and 1/4 of Famous Ladies.

Tory Miller - Piano




Completed Albums

a shot in the dark(2008)

solo piano explorations

In Which We Build Our Dreams Accordingly   Download
Our Hero, Remembered   Download
What Kind Of Power Is This?   Download
The Darkest Hour   Download
The Long Road Home   Download
A Place To Land   Download
Our Hero, Forgotten   Download


2009 album

city lights   Download
sail away   Download
thaw   Download
last stately march   Download
how it ends   Download
rush to dusk   (preferred)   Download

starting now i'm starting over(2010)

solo piano. pieces range in mood from crushing depression to extreme ecstasy to insanity. largely minimalist.

slow motion   Download
starting now i'm starting over   Download
just one moment   Download
for you, this is all   Download
lost at sea   Download
the edge of the world   Download
finding home   Download
awake   Download
end of time   Download
some circles   Download

Find Me at the End of the World(2011)

Minimalist piano experiments.

Icemelt   Download
Questions Never Asked   Download
Solitude Lake   Download
A Ringing   Download
On the Edge of Time   Download
Salt Spray   Download
River Bend   (preferred)   Download
This is What You Were Given   Download
Whispers Under Cold Stars   Download
Find Me at the End of the World   Download

soft, spoken(2012)

Solo piano

shivers   Download
for never   Download
prove   Download
soft, spoken   Download
roam   Download
because, you   (preferred)   Download

Stepping Stone(2013)

Remain the Skeptic   Download
In a Fog   (preferred)   Download
Stepping Stone   Download
Scene Decanted   Download
You Remain Nothing More than a Distant Memory   Download
Illuminated Shore   Download